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Squirrel Chaser Software

Squirrel Chaser provides a way for you to test and train your brain's cognitive performance. Now you can figure out what works for YOUR unique brain. Here's a way to bring out your best at work, school, sports, or gaming. 


Squirrel Chaser tests the following: 

  • Are you in the right mindset to make quick decisions?

  • How long can you focus?  

  • Do you respond better to visual cues or auditory information?

  • What is helping / hurting your cognitive performance?

  • How quick are your reflexes?

What you measure ... improves!

Use a more scientific way to see if what you're doing (exercise, nutrition, medicine, meditation) actually has an impact on your cognitive performance.

How does this work?

Many games/apps for ADHD simply test how addicted you are to that game by keeping you hooked. This is not an accurate measure of your attention, focus, or cognitive performance. 


The more reliable & useful method is to identify how long you can concentrate when pressured  - because actual life is not simply a game. 

Many Levels for Continuous Improvement

Squirrel Chaser has simpler versions to those that might be more impaired and very advanced versions with no impairment that want to improve beyond their current capabilities.  The subscription unlocks all of the features. These include the ability to test yourself for 5 to 20 min at either a standard level (mere mortals) or advanced level (gamers and geniuses)!  Compare tests to evaluate what conditions or remedies  your brain responds to the best. Increase your duration to improve focus and mindfulness.

Single Test Results

Squirrel Chaser tests for 10 measures of attention


  1. Visual and Auditory Inattention (daydreaming)

  2. Visual and Auditory Impulsivity (jumping the gun)

  3. Visual and Auditory Sustained Attention

  4. Visual and Auditory Focus (accuracy over time)

  5. Visual and Auditory Reaction Time (speed) 

Before & After Tests

Squirrel Chaser lets you note & track your caffeine, sleepiness, and smoking/vaping habits. 


THEN compare your cognitive performance before & after any intervention such as exercise, medication, coffee, specific nutrition to identify the combination of factors help or hurt your focus.

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