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Maximize Your Full Potential

From WeVibin Inc, the original founders of vibrational therapy for mental wellness.

*patented world-wide

About  WeVibin Inc

We are a team that includes engineers, scientist, creatives, healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs - neurodiverse & neurotypicals.  We work hand in hand to develop the best scientifically-validated, safe technologies to improve cognitive performance whether you are living with ADD/ADHD, Autism, Parkinsons, a previous concussion/TBI, aging OR just trying to get your focus to the next level. After decades of learning how our bodies respond to medications, various forms of electrical / magnetic stimulation, and alternative therapies like yoga and even exercise, we were the first to explore using vibration to improve attention, focus, vigilance, impulsivity and distractibility in robust clinical trials.  We've developed the most effective therapy you'll find and we look forward to leading this exciting field. 

We know first-hand what our customers go through and it's our mission to make a remarkable difference in your life. We have grown by listening to you and understand that each of us are wired differently. What works for one person may not work for another.  Our tools are built with this in mind - to adapt to you and to personalize your experience. Learn more about our products below.  

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Our Technology

Our technology is based on the most advanced neuroscience known today and we are continuously innovating and improving to create the most revolutionary experience for the user.  We currently have two products available: the Squirrel Chaser software app which is a cognitive performance test and brain-training app, and our ground-breaking Squirrel Tamer therapy headset. 


 The Squirrel CHASER app is not a game. It is a challenging cognitive performance test that gives the user 10 different measures of their visual and auditory attention. Games just measure how entertained or addicted you are to the game itself. So it’s important to test people in a challenging environment. The user can test themselves and track their progress on any given day or over time. Because we are all different and react differently to different interventions, users are able to test before and after medication OR even home remedies such as yoga, meditation, supplements, specific types of exercise, nutritional programs or even just coffee intake.  When you have your own data on what helps or impairs your focus, you can make the best choices for you.  Using the app on a daily basis also reinforces neural pathways, training your brain to increase attention and decreases distractibility & impulsivity.


The Squirrel TAMER Therapy is the result of decades of work. It was designed with the intention of making a consumer device that is a safe, clinically-tested, non-prescription device that does not interfere with medication. The user can wear it whenever they need it (i.e. on-demand), in the home, work, or school environment, and will, most cases,  provide immediate results including decreased anxiety & impulsivity, and improved attention and focus. The goal was that it makes a noticeable difference in your life by bringing out your cognitive best without drugs.


"Auditory sensitivity is something I really struggle with and to find a measurable way to identify what I am struggling with and when, and to be able to compare remedies has been remarkable".

Kelsey, Squirrel Chaser Customer with Autism

Meet  The Founder

Stefanie Lattner

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I knew at a young age that I wanted to study the brain after growing up with a sibling that suffered with disabilities.  I loved him dearly and he had a big influence on me. He had more inner strength than anyone I’ve known, a joyful & generous spirit, and incredible intellect. But he really struggled, was bullied by everyone, and had to fight within a healthcare system that seemed to focus only on heavily medicating him rather than building his strengths, independence, and self-esteem.  If it were not for my mom who served as a patient advocate and fought tirelessly for his dignity I don’t know what our family would have done. I'm sure many parents understand this struggle and many individuals know this feeling of being dismissed or bullied. Feeling helpless and looking for answers led me to study biomedical engineering. It was there I learned so much about the brain from a different perspective; by applying engineering theories to neuronal communication, how to measure various types of neurological functioning, and the untapped potential of neuroplasticity. This is the hidden gem. The brain’s ability to heal. We see it with stroke patients; healing and retraining the brain. Why is no one leveraging this knowledge! Until NOW, that is.

Over the years, professionally, I helped to develop one of the world’s first teleradiology systems at the University of Pittsburgh’s Medical Center;  worked with the trauma & neurosurgical teams so they could provide directions to the Life-flight teams on where best  to treat patients in critical condition, wrote tissue-differentiation software of the brain that was implemented in MR scanners,  served as head of new technology for Respironics, invented and developed new technologies for sleep and respiration, amassed a patent portfolio of over 20 US patents, and 85 patents world-wide related to brain health,  graduated at the top of my class with an MBA with distinction from the University of Michigan, worked for a seed fund, Innovation Works,  as a Portfolio Exec & Executive in Residence, served on numerous boards and have helped launch several startups. Along the way, I have been privileged to meet and work with the most incredible people that totally blow me away!  These include my board members and team members. We will be featuring each of them at different times because their wealth of knowledge & experience humbles me and fuels me.  Check out our "About" page to get a sneak peek.

WeVibin is the culmination of all of these efforts. It’s the result of an evolution that has taken place over a career of learning and past product launches. We’ve taken the knowledge gained over 20 years and intentionally designed new approaches that help individuals increase cognitive performance in a safe, non-invasive way at home. Our therapy device and brain-training software can be used by anyone at any level, and helps the user increase attention, focus better, decreases anxiety & impulsivity, and builds your ability to remain calm under pressure.  We are really proud and excited to be able to offer these – and we have so much in the works! Every day we get calls from our customers telling us their story and we love it! We look forward to hearing yours.

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