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WeVibin Inc In the News

Tech Times:
Life-Changing Technology in 2024: Human-Centered Innovations

The year 2024 will usher in exciting new technologies with the potential to profoundly impact people's lives for the better. From innovations in healthcare to advancements in transportation safety, companies are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with technology.  Click here to read more 

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When Women Inspire:

Vibration Therapy and Cognitive Performance: A Revealing Interview with Stefanie Lattner of WeVibin

This tech company has an amazing purpose — to help users improve attention and focus, decrease anxiety, and reduce impulsivity through vibration therapy. Join us as she explains the science behind WeVibin’s Squirrel Chaser cognitive performance test and Squirrel Tamer therapy headset for mental wellness. Click here to read more

WeVibin Inc on LA's Talk Radio
The Start-up with Monique Lore

Monique is a vibrant host that features a wide variety of companies.  Check out her show Sunday's at 4:00 PST.


The American Reporter: From Tele-radiology to Tech Innovation

WeVibin’s revolutionary new technology helps the brain heal itself without the need for powerful pharmaceuticals. This groundbreaking approach is the brainchild of the company’s founder and CEO, Stefanie Lattner.        (click here to read more).

Why accommodating workers with cognitive conditions is a matter of safety

Workplaces, generally, can do a lot more to accommodate individuals on the autism spectrum and those with cognitive conditions, according to Stefanie Lattner. “The amount of stigma and subtle bullying that goes on is highly prevalent," explains the CEO of WeVibin,  a company specializing in technologies to enhance cognitive performance.  (Click here to read more)

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NY Times

If you have an interest in launching a health-focused startup, you’re likely someone interested in helping others. Given how vast the healthcare industry is, there are many areas where entrepreneurs can make a meaningful impact (click here to read more).

Money  Matters

Hear our founder talking about medtech innovation with the hosts from Money Matters TV - Philadelphia. 

Click here: 

WeVibin Inc on "The Advancements with Ted Danson"

Learn about ADD/ADHD and hear about some of our clinical results!  Click the image to watch the video

WeVibin Inc's early research

Optimal cognitive performance methods to improve cognitive performance could enhance decision making, improve perception and even decrease deadly aviation accidents. [1,2] The Army, Air Force and Naval Research Laboratories are all actively researching ...(more)

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