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Squirrel Tamer Therapy Device

Coming Soon!

Squirrel Tamer is WeVibin Inc's breakthrough technology that's been shown in clinical trials to improve cognitive performance.   Because we have taken a technological approach, there are no drug interactions or systemic side effects.  Everyone's lifestyle is different from the food they eat, to their level of physical activity, to their medications. It was important that we develop our technology and tools to work with these differences.

 Squirrel Tamer has the following features:

  • Immediate results: improves attention/focus, decreases implusivity, decreases anxiety

  • Immediate sense of calmness

  • Wear on demand, when and where you need (approx 20-30 min per session)

  • No systemic side effects

  • No hang-over effect when you stop

  • No drug interaction

  • Can use if recovering from substance abuse or with past history of substance abuse

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